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Christmas Revision


What makes us different?

  • Exam technique focus with the Examiner trained teachers
  • Exam board specific (AQA, OCR & Edexcel)
  • We tailor to your specific needs
  • Unit specific revision classes
  • Performance psychology incorporated to enhance student motivation and focus
  • National locations
  •  Small class sizes (average of 6 students last year)

Our Model

During your A-Level revision course you will work on the key areas necessary to improving your exam performance. Having tried and tested our approach we know that it is the most effective. After all, we have proved this through our results and course feedback. During the two day exam revision courses you will spend 16 hours of revision focusing on your exams. Unlike other revision course providers who use a "topic based approach" to revision, we do NOT. When choosing our courses, you have the unique benefit of either the 'Exclusive' (One specific exam board and one specific unit) or Exam Board Combined (two exam boards, with vitually identical material, in one class). 

Areas of focus during your exam revision course

  • Syllabus review
  • Exam technique 
  • Exam Practice


Syllabus Review

It goes without saying that to do well in your exams, you need to understand the content.

The syllabus review workshops focuses on the key areas that you identified during your initial questionnaire, as well as additional areas that the tutors highlight as critical to your chances of success in your exams. 

We'll make sure that we cover these key areas during your A-Level revision courses as well as parts of the core syllabus, especially pointing out the areas that are more likely to come up in the final exams and finaly, how all the sections relate to each other.

Exam Technique 

Your teachers are examiner trained. You will benefit from their knowledge and exam technique skills. Their unit specific workshops on examination technique focuses on the key areas that you need, in order to achieve your target grades. No other A -Level revision course provider offers you the opportunity to work alongside examiner trained teachers to the extent that we do.

The Examiners will suggest exam techniques and strategies for GCSE Revision Courses that will help you boost your grades. They will also ensure that you fully understand how to apply your answer to the exam question, as well as ensuring that you can acknowledge the difference between analysis and evaluation, not just how to demonstate your knowledge of the material.

These exam focused sessions help to build up your understanding and knowledge of the subject area and will improve your exam confidence as a result. 

Exam Practice

During your A-Level revision course you will complete a mock paper which will be marked by your teachers. The teachers will then work alongside you to ensure that you fully understand how to achieve the maximum possible marks during your A Level Courses. This is crucial! 

Exam practice is a great way of consolidating all of the content that you are expected to remember until the final exams, while at the same time fine tuning what you have learnt about exam skills during the course. Revision For A- Level/ G.C.S.E is about getting better at what is expected of you in exams.

On your first day, you will be set homework which will include writing a few exam questions. You will then go through the answers and focus on these on the second day with the teachers during the revision course.

Your examiners have had experience in writing, setting & moderating the exams. They will share their expertise with you to ensure and provide you with the best possible guidance.


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