Posted by : Exam Confidence | On : November 14, 2011

January exams are fast approaching and I’m working with a number of students on their preparation plans.  Of course, we have formal preparation such as the Exam Confidence exam revision courses (A Level revision courses as well as IB revision courses, in case you’re curious!), but external support can only go so far…At some point, we need the realisation to hit that “If it is to be, it’s up to me”.

Motivation is key and there is no motivation to be had without some sort of goal beyond the mere acquisition of results (although, on occasion, this will suffice).  Think through “Why am I doing this?  What’s in it for me?”  If you’re not sure, then I’d strongly suggest that you speak to an effective career counsellor.  My role in Australia with the rugby players and other sportsmen and women was to do their career-planning for life after sport, as well as a few other role responsibilities.  It is an extensive process, requiring on average a set of five sessions:  to assess, to set goals and then to develop a plan of how to get there.

Once this has been achieved, motivation for sitting down on a regular basis to get stuck into exam revision can increase exponentially.  Many have been the students who had previously been told “You’re not smart enough to do that at university”, only to unearth the wave of momentum that is born from motivation – and the brain does the rest.  My personal favourite is when that student finally completes their chosen degree, often taking the scenic route to get there, but feeling so proud of themselves in that achievement.  They embark on their working life with the sense that anything really is possible.

Exam revision courses will help enormously with your exam preparation.  Once you’ve covered the curriculum at school, you have the material that then needs to be fine-tuned and applied to exam questions…and assessed by those who mark the papers.  At Exam Confidence, we provide you with the chief or principal examiners to help you in that regard, as well as outstanding and passionate teachers who focus on heightening your confidence for content.  Needless to say, our examiners and teachers talk too, so our teachers are also confident with the exam technique required for various segments of content.

Next session, I’ll talk more about how to maintain that focus and use the knowledge and power of your goals to improve your effectiveness in your individual study periods.  If you’d like more information on our outstanding A Level revision courses or IB revision courses, then visit us at .  Until next time…good luck with sorting those goals!

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