Posted by : Exam Confidence | On : September 14, 2011

UCAS Personal Statements

Tip 1:  When you’re completing your UCAS personal statement, you’re pitching yourself to the university.  Basically, you need to think about “Why should they choose me?”  Selling yourself is usually not a skill practised well by many people, but your UCAS form requires it, in order to be successful.  One of the most convincing reasons for why you should be chosen is an indication of your level of drive and commitment – Why do you want to do the course?  How does the course fit with your plans for the future?  Your personal statement should address these questions as convincingly as possible.

Tip 2:  Your UCAS personal statement needs to paint a picture of you as a whole person – the sort of person who would suit university life and the nature of the course that you’ve selected.  Personal statements sometimes address your academic side comprehensively, but leave a hole in other areas.  Think about your leadership skills or your ability to operate well in a team; how about mentioning in your UCAS form about your ability to deal effectively with pressure and to prioritise and manage your time to achieve your targets?  How have you demonstrated those skills?  What extracurricular activities have helped you develop them?

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